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Wednesday, 25 July 1906

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - I should like to remind the Minister in charge of the Bill that, during the second-reading discussion, an assurance was given, either bv himself or his colleague, that there would be no objection to insert certain words, making it absolutely clear that it was not intended to use this Bill for the purpose of acquiring land for the Federal Capital. I remind the Minister of that assurance.

Senator Keating - I did not give any assurance, although .1 said that it was not intended to use the Bill for Federal Capital purposes.

Senator MILLEN - It was Senator Playford who gave the assurance.

Senator Keating - I think he merely made a suggestion.

Senator MILLEN - He gave an assurance that something should be inserted to make the point abundantly clear. I am perfectly certain that that is so.

Senator Keating - I understood him to suggest, when Senator Symon rose, that what ought to be done was to put a few words in the Bill, and Senator Symon said that that was a practical suggestion.

Senator MILLEN - No; Senator Symon made the suggestion, and I understood that Senator Playford agreed to it. Am I to understand that the Minister does not intend to carry out that assurance? It is open to him to appeal to his colleague as to whether it was given. I have a distinct recollection of it. Senator Keating admits having himself given an assurance that it is not intended to use the Bill for that purpose. He should have no objection, therefore, to put words in the Bill to make that abundantly clear.

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