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Wednesday, 25 July 1906

Senator PLAYFORD - I understand ' that whenever any regulations made- under an Act of Parliament are printed in the Gazette, slips are struck off, and that upon making an application, and paying a small fee, any member of Parliament can receive copies of them. The instruction which has been given to the Government Printer is that for everything which goes out of his office, either payment must be made by the Senate or by the members of Parliament concerned.

Senator Stewart - Why should members of Parliament have to pay for copies of any regulations?

Senator PLAYFORD - I did not know what the exact position was until Senator Henderson gave notice of a motion which will possibly be discussed to-morrow. It relates to some action which was taken by the Printing Committee of the other House, and to which our Printing Committee has taken exception. I took the opportunity of trying to make myself acquainted with the facts of the case. I have been informed that as regards regulations printed by the Government Printer, but not ordered b,y either House to be printed, members of Parliament can get copies of them by making a small payment.

Senator Mulcahy - Is not the Minister supposed to lay all these regulations upon the table of the Senate ?

Senator PLAYFORD - It is my intention to suggest to my colleagues that it shall be an instruction to the Government Printer to send a copy of eachregulation, or set of regulations, to every member of Parliament.That I think will meet the case. Honorable senators have the right to call in question the wisdom of any regulations, and to move that a regulation be amended by way of deletion or addition. The least which can be done is, I think, to supply them, without payment of a fee, with copies of regulations as they are issued by the Government Printer.

Senator Col NEILD - Is not the Minister aware that at least a month ago the Senate passed a motion expressing its opinion that the documents referred to should be supplied to members of both Houses ?

Senator PLAYFORD - I have written to the Prime Minister with a view to having the order of the Senate carried out. It had escaped my memory for the moment.

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