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Wednesday, 18 July 1906

Senator MILLEN - I admit that the information, will, be troublesome to collect, but seeing that the question is to be placed in a perfectly constitutional way before the electors bv honorable senators opposite, it is desirable that every effort should be made, by means of the machinery at the disposal of the Government, to ascertain all the facts. For that reason, I move -

That after the word " the," where first occurring in line 4, the words "number and area of the separate holdings and the " be inserted.

I understand from Senator Pearce privately that he proposes to submit anamendment defining " absence."

Senator Pearce - That amendment will be moved by another honorable senator.

Senator MILLEN - I propose to still further amend the motion so as to obtain information in reference to holdings valued at from £1,000 to £5,000.

Senator McGregor - Say from £1 to £5,000.

Senator MILLEN - The honorable senator may, by interjections of that kind, attempt to decry the efforts I am making to assist the mover of the motion to get all the information available ; but if Senator McGregor, for obvious reasons, desires to keep out of sight the number of small holdings, I do not.

Senator McGregor - I say, take them all in.

Senator MILLEN - What I propose to do is to amend the motion so as to provide for a return as to the unimproved value of privately-owned lands of the values under £1,000, under £2,000, under £3,000, and under £4,000.

Senator McGregor - I agree with that suggestion.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendment (by Senator Millen) agreed to-

That after the word "values," line 5, the following words be inserted : - " Under £1,000.

Under £2,000.

Under £3,000.

Under £4,000."

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