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Wednesday, 18 July 1906

MINISTERS laid upon the table the following papers: -

Amendments of Public Service Regulations 102, 104, and 149; Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 46.

Repeal of Money Order regulation 4, and substitution of new regulation ; Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 40.

Paper relating to the steam service to British New Guinea.

Telegraphic correspondence, dated 7th and 9th July, relating to the canned meat trade.

Treasury regulations; Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 19.

Transfers in connexion withaccounts of the financial year 1905-6, dated 26th June.

Amendment of paragraph 49 of the financial and allowance regulations for the Naval Forces of the Commonwealth ; Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 45.

Addition to paragraph98 of the financial and allowance regulations, for the Military Forces of the Commonwealth ; Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 47.

Regulations governing (a) the landing of foreign troops and crews of warships; (b) the use of search lights on board foreign warships; and (c) the surveying of shoreline by boats from foreign ships (Statutory Rules, 1905, No.80), Statutory Rules, 1906, No. 48.

The Clerk laid upon the table

Returns to orders of the Senate, dated 15th June, relating to a proposed building for military purposes, CentennialPark, Sydney ; and an agreement between the Commonwealth and the Railways Commissioners of New South Wales for the conveyance of members of the Parliament.

Returns to orders of the Senate, dated 21st June, relating to the rentals of Federal offices in Melbourne; the case of Mr. J. R. Craig and the New Guinea Government ; and a claim of Major-General Hutton in respect to a cable message.

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