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Friday, 22 June 1906

Senator DOBSON (TASMANIA) .- The question of adjourning is getting a very serious one, and upon the whole my sympathies are with Senator Smith. But I quite admit that there is no use in bringing honorable senators here if there is no business for them to do. I believe, however, that with a little more thought and arrangement there might have been, and I believe there is, business to be done next week. The session is bound to be exceedingly short. Every effort ought to be made to hold the elections early in November. It is quite likely, as Senator Smith suggests, that at the end of the session we shall be slaughtering "innocents" because we have more measures than we can deal with. We ought to go on with work if we can get it, and take a holiday afterwards. I admit that it may be necessary to take a holiday occasionally owing to the fact that in ordinary circumstances we must sit much less frequently than the other House. But I contend that we ought to take our holiday later on when there is absolutely no work to do. Senator Keating has the Eminent Domain Bill to proceed with next week, and I understand that there is a Quarantine Bill which he could have to go on with. I was astonished at the statement of Senator Playford the other day that two Bills had been introduced into' the other House which might have been introduced here, and that he was not aware that they were going to be originated there. I gathered from his remarks that not one moment's consideration had been given by the Cabinet to the question of how the work was to be alloted between the Houses. Honorable senators have a perfect right to complain thai more attention has not been given to this important matter. I would ask Senator Playford whether he thinks it right and proper for the other House to commence its work with the consideration of the most contentious Bill of the session, and then for him to tell us that there is no work for the Senate? Next week the other House ought to drop the Australian Industries Preservation Bill for the time being and deal with the Statistician Bill and' the High Court Judge Bill, so as to give us some work by the end of next week. I do not believe that the other House has ever paid the slightest attention to all our protests, and it seems determined to ignore us. The two Ministers I see before me are quite sufficient to protect the dignity and rights of the Senate if they would only act. Why do they not act?

Senator Playford - I cannot go down and bully the other House, can I ?

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