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Friday, 22 June 1906

Senator STANIFORTH SMITH (Western Australia) . - I think that Senator Neild has made a very informative statement with regard to the refreshmentrooms, and, generally speaking, it was correct ; but his undying repugnance to tea has led) him into a statement from which a wrong inference may be drawn. He has said that £30 worth of tea was consumed last year in six months, and £35 worth of milk. He says that 5s. per day is spent on afternoon teas. As a matter of fact, I think the amount is greater. But he must remember that milk is used in various comestibles, such as puddings. Furthermore, 6d. is paid for a cup of afternoon tea, which costs about id., whereas a glass of whisky costs probably 3d1, or 4d. Therefore, a greater profit is made from tea than from whisky. It appears to me to be ridiculous to contend that tea supplied at an ordinary meal should be specially charged for. It is not charged for at any refreshment-room in Australia. It is a portion of the meal, for which a fixed price is paid. One might as well be asked to paxextra for salt or pepper. Senator Neild's repugnance to tea reminds me of a certain individual's repugnance to water. He said that water must be very injurious, because when some water got into his watch he observed that fearful injury was done to the delicate mechanism; and he said that he. was not going to drink any water lest such injury should be done to his internal mechanism !

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