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Thursday, 21 June 1906

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) (Honorary Minister) . - I do not know whether Senator Givens is serious in making this proposal j but if he bases his justification of the amendment on the argument he has put forward^, it rests absolutely on a shadow. So far as the consideration of the person to be appointed Government Meteorologist is concerned. I can assure Senator Givens that he, or anybody whom he could meet within the next twenty-four hours, knows as much about the mater as I or any member of the

Cabinet. If we are to legislate 011 rumor and gossip, we have come to a very pretty pass. Meteorology, as a science, has made considerable advance of late years in different parts of the world. Perhaps it has not advanced at the same rate in Australia as elsewhere, and if we deprive ourselvesof thepossibility of obtaining the services of some person in another part of the Empire or elsewhere, who is much more advanced than any one in Australia is, or possibly could become by the mere study of Australian conditions, even over an extended period, we at once sap the foundations of the system we intend to establish. I ask honorable senators to reject the amendment.

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