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Thursday, 21 June 1906

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator can do that after notices of questions and motions have been given, and questions without notice have been asked.

At a later stage,

Senator Col NEILD - Mr. President,I gave notice of the postponement of my motion No. 1, in terms of standing order 102, not standing order 62.

The PRESIDENT - Yes, but the honorable senator must read the two standing orders together. The routine for carrying on the business of the Senate is as follows : - First, reading of prayers ; second, presentation of petitions; third, giving notices and questions without notice; fourth, questions on notice; fifth, formal motions ; and then the rearrangement of business.

Senator Col NEILD - I beg your pardon, sir. I have frequently done what I did just now - given fresh notice of a motion.

The PRESIDENT - If the honorable senator gives fresh notice of a motion, that is another thing, but I did not understand him to do that. He is quite in order if be gives fresh notice of the motion.

Senator Col Neild - That is precisely what I did.

Senator Givens - Can the honorable senator give fresh notice of a motion which is already uponthe notice-paper?

The PRESIDENT - Yes, if he chooses.

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