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Wednesday, 20 June 1906

Senator GIVENS (Queensland) .- It is just as well that the Committee should understand the vital difference between this Bill and the Copyright Act, which we passed last session. In that Act we went to the full length of protecting copyright in printed books and artistic "works. We even prohibited the introduction of pirated works, and protected the owner of a copyright to the extent of permitting the seizure of any goods which are an infringement of copyright. There is a whole series of sections in the Copyright Act extending from section 49 up to, and including, section 61, which give the owner of a copyright in either a printed book or an artistic design the right to set the law in motion and have books or artistic designs seized and forfeited to him if they infringe his copyright. In section 61 we prohibit the importation of pirated books in whichcopyright is subsisting in Australia. I hold that those are very good provisions; and if they were good for the Copyright Act, as applied to printed books and artistic designs, they are equally good for the designs with which this Bill deals. Why should not a man who uses histalents for the purpose of bringing out a design, which may be exceedingly valuable, enjoy the same protection as this Parliament gave to the man who writes a book, paints a picture, or produces some other work of art? I should like, before moving any amendment, to hear the Minister's views. Personally, I think we should go to the full length of prohibiting the importation of goods which infringe the copyright of the owner of a valuable design ; and he should be able to get an injunction against people who pirate his design. If the provisions of the Copyright Act in this respect were good and necessary, as Parliament decided that they were, they are equally necessary in this Bill. I hope that the Minister will consent to include similar provisions in it, or will give us good reasons why they should not be included.

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