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Thursday, 14 June 1906

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) - I wish to explain the reason why I objected to this motion going as formal. The matter is a very little one, and if I had had an opportunity, I should have put my views before the Minister in charge. When you, sir, called on the motion the only thing I could do was to object to it as formal. I know that the motion is one that we have previously adopted, but it leaves us without any machinery or provision should the Senate continue its sitting after the usual hour for breaking up on Friday afternoon. It is true that the Minister of Defence, by the indulgence and good offices of the Opposition, has not frequently been kept here after that time, but it is conceivable that an occasion may arise in which, in spite of the desire of the Opposition to assist in closing the business, we may feel called upon to continue. In such case we would absolutely have to depend uponan understanding, or indulgence, or some other means of arranging to discontinue the business at the ordinary dinner hour. It seems to me that one way of getting out of the difficulty would be to eliminate the words " other thanF ridays " ; in which case, if the sitting were continued, the ordinary sessional orders' would provide for a dinner hour. I move -

That the words "other than Fridays" be left out.

Senator Playford - I have no objection to the amendment.

Amendment agreed to.

Question, as amended, resolved in the affirmative.

Senator Col Neild - I think there are other notices of motion on the paper which might be taken as formal - private motions.

The PRESIDENT - Standing order 14 defines what is formal and what is' not formal, and under that standing order, such motions as those to which the honorable senator refers cannot be dealt with before we have disposed of the Address-in-Reply.

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