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Wednesday, 13 June 1906

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia) - [2.55I. - I rise to support the motion with the sincerest feelings of regret on mv ownbehalf and that of the party which I represent. I am sure that we may say that the same deep sense of the loss we have sustained stirs the breast of every Australian and of every progressive indivi-- dual in the whole world. I, as representing the party to which I belong, may, with stronger feelings, express our sorrow, because it was amongst us last Friday afternoon that the Right Honorable Richard Seddon uttered his last words of a semipublic character. I, as well as others who were there that day, was deeply touched by the human sympathy to which expression was given by him. 1 am very glad, with every other person who supports progressive movements, to find that the memory of Richard Seddon is so universally revered to-day. We know that in the earlier part of his public career he had' very severe struggles. He had to contend with the prejudices and the injustices against which every public man professing a progressive policy has had to fight since the world began. But we find now that every one is beginning to recognise that after all the Right Honorable Richard Seddon was right. The policv that has been so long advocated and delayed in Australia must be right also, because it is exactly the same as he passed in New Zealand years ago. When we come to realise these fact's, the party to which I belong cannot but feel verv sincerely the deepest regret at the setting of a star that has guided them for so long. I, therefore, join verv heartily in supporting the motion : and I know that the memory of the Right Honorable Richard! Seddon will live in the hearts of the people of Australia for generations to come.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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