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Thursday, 7 June 1906

MINISTERS laid upon the table thefollowing papers: -

Reports, with maps, of the Commissioners appointed to distribute the States of New South-

Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia into electoral divisions.

Return under the Immigration Restriction Acts.

Return under the Naturalization Act of the number of persons to whom certificates of naturalization are granted during the year 1905.

Amended Customs regulations Nos. 103 and 104, Statutory Rules 1906, No. 1.

Amended drawback regulations, No. 132 - Jams, &c. - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 3a.

Regulation under the Distillation Act relating to spirits for export, Statutory Rules 1906, No. 9.

Regulations under the Excise Act, tobacco, Statutory Rules 1906, No. 5, and drawback regulations, No. 50 - Jams, &c. - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 33.

Amended Defence Act regulations governing the landing of foreign troops, &c, Statutory Rules 1905, No. 80.

Cadet Corp regulations, Statutory Rules 1906, No. 31.

Military Force regulations; paragraph 57, lieutenants - Statutory Rules 1905, No. 79; paragraph 216, addition of figures " 214 " - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 3 ; paragraph 130, alteration - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 4; paragraph 2A, Promotion Board - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 29; paragraph 128, age of retirement - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 30. Financial and Allowance regulations - Statutory Rules 1905, No. 77. Naval Forces ; regulations and standing orders - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 20. Financial and Allowance regulations - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 21.

Notification of the acquirement of land under the Property for Public Purposes Acquisition Act 1901 at Armidale, New South Wales, as a site for a drill hall, at Bodangora and Gilgandra, New South Wales, at Gwalia, Western Australia, at Kadina, South Australia, at Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, and at Ryde, New South Wales, as Sites for post-offices ; at Mount Nelson, Hobart, Tasmania, and at Randwick and Singleton, New South Wales, for defence purposes; and at Sandy Bay, Tasmania, for rifle range purposes.

Pursuant to the Public Service Act, a list of the permanent officers of the Commonwealth Public Service, 1st January, 1906.

Recommendation, &c, and approval of the promotion of Messrs. O. S. Maddocks and H.

D.   Brown as inspectors, Department of Trade and Customs, Sydney, and appointment of Mr.

E.   F. Eberbach as draftsman to the Public Works Branch, Department of Home Affairs.

Amended regulations No. 104, grading of general division - Statutory Rules 1906, Nos. 2 and t4 ; No. 64, overtime in the general division - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 13 ; Nos. r63A and 164, special allowances - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 15. Numbers 48, 141 (b), 168, 196, 197, 258, Chief Officers, &c. - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 16. Nos. 48, 141 (b), 168, 196, 197, 25S, Chief Officers, &C; also Nos. 104, 163A, 164 - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 28. Nos. 153 and 155, allowances - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 37. No. 199, telegraph messengers - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 38. No. 16S, allowances - Statutory Rules 1906, No. 39.

Certificate under the Representation Act of the Chief Electoral Officer in regard to the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth and the several States.

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