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Thursday, 7 June 1906

Senator STYLES (Victoria) .- I have been asked, because, I suppose, I am the youngest member of the Senate, to move an Address-in-Reply to His Excellency's speech. I may say that I never heard or read a line of that speech until His Excellency delivered it a little while ago.

Senator Lt Col Gould - Did the honorable senator not read his advance copy last night?

Senator STYLES - I had no advance copy last night. I received ah advance copy at my house this morning, and saw it for the first time about 10 o'clock, as I was leaving for town. Even an honorable senator with the great experience of Senator Gould would hardly undertake to deal' " right off the reel " with a document of this kind, containing some thirty-six paragraphs. I shall ask leave to continuemy speech on a subsequent occasion, but, in the meantime, I submitthe following motion : -

That the following Address-in-Reply be presented to His Excellency the GovernorGeneral : -

To His Excellency the Governor-General.

May it please Your Excellency :

We, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia, in Parliament assembled, beg to express our loyalty to our Most Gracious Sovereign, and to thank Your Excellency for the speech which you have been pleased to address to Parliament.

I am unable now to speak at any length, and I ask by the indulgence of the Senate to be allowed to continue my speech, on the next day of meeting.

Leave granted ; debate adjourned.

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