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Tuesday, 12 December 1905
Tuesday, 12 December 1905

The President took the chair at 2.30 p.m., and read prayers.


Senator PULSFORD.-I wish to ask the Minister of Defence, without notice, if he will lay upon the table of the Senate, at the earliest possible moment, all correspondence relating to the following two statements made by Mr. Carruthers, Premier of New South Wales, on Friday last : -

In the last Parliament, when they were considering the question of changing the headquarters of the Savings Bank; Mr. Waddell, who was then Treasurer, brought down a Bill to give the Government the power to make a contract for new offices. He stated that they had to remove the

Savings Bank because the Federal authorities' had told them that they had to shift. The annual cost of that removal would be , £24,000, and that had to be paid out of the interest on the savings of the thrifty people of the State. That could have been avoided, because, as he understood, there was no need to have forced the service out of the post-office building.

During the last month, the Federal authorities had given notice to the auditors who had been doing their work in this State, that their services were to be dispensed with, as the FedeTa-1 Government was establishing a separate department of audit in this State. He had reason to know that Queensland bad entered a strong protest against the establishment of a Federal Audit Department in Queensland, and this State had also entered a strong protest. But in spite of the protests, the Federal Government had decided to have its own departments, and the consequence was that the worthy men who had been doing for years the work of auditing the public accounts were now bundled out of their offices, and the Federal Government was going to do the work with its own officials, brought from anywhere, and at a cost in excess of what the present officers had done it.

Senator PLAYFORD.- So far as I can see, I think that there will be noob jection to laying the papers upon the table. I shall make inquiries, and if there is no objection have them laid upon the table as early as possible. If there is any reason why they should not be tabled, I shall let the honorable senator know to-morrow.


Linotype Operators.

Senator CROFT.- I desire to ask the Minister representing the Treasurer the following question, without notice : -

If he has requested the Government Printer (Mr. Brain) to provide a statement covering a period of twelve months, showing -

(a)the amount of work done for the State of Victoria on the Commonwealth lino, machines;

(b) the amount of work done forthe Commonwealth on the lino, machines;

(c)the amount of wages paid (based on signed pay-sheets) to the lino, operators by the State of Victoria;

(d)The amount of wages paid (based on signed pay-sheets) to the lino, operators by the Commonwealth?

Senator PLAYFORD.- I have been furnished with the following answers: -

(a)54,845,000 ens.

(b)140,787,000 ens.

(c)£1,14415s. 3d.

(d)£2,75614s. 5d.


Senator MATHESON.- I desire to ask the Minister of Defence, without notice, whether his attention has been called to a statement made in the Sydney Evening News to the effect that the new Army regulation which was published on the 1st October does not provide for the Military Board to retire at the end of each period of five years, as provided in the cancelled regulations, and if it is not the case, whether he can give me the number of the regulation which deals with the matter ?

Senator PLAYFORD.- I cannot give the number of the regulation, but if my memory serves me aright the Board was appointed for a period of four years, and no alteration has been made in the regulation relating to their appointment. In other words, at the end of the four years they will retire from the position or be re- appointed.

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