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Thursday, 7 December 1905

Senator TRENWITH (Victoria) - I would respectfully submit, sir, that the motion, although it is somewhat general in its terms, is specific, and proposes to give effect to the prayer of the petition.

The PRESIDENT - Yes, but the honorable senator has not given notice of themotion which he is going to move.

Senator TRENWITH - I purpose moving -

That in the opinion of this Senate it is desirable that the prayer of the petition from employes in the manufacture of stripper harvesters in Australia should be granted by the Parliament.

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator, I think, ought to have handed in a copy of his motion, because he will see that honorable senators are entitled by the standing order to one day's notice of a proposed resolution. His motion is couched in general terms,, and1 is quite in order as far as it goes, but I think he ought to have handed in a specific notice of the motion which he intended to move. However, I shall put the question whether the motion is to be taken as formal or not formal.

Senator TRENWITH - I think that the motion is sufficiently specific, as it indicates what I purpose to move. The session is drawing to a close, and if the motion is not moved now it cannot be moved this session. In view of the urgency of the matter, I would urge that if it is at all practicable I should be allowed to proceed.

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator has had sufficient time in which to hand in a specific motion.

Senator TRENWITH - I have had time, but I have to confess that I overlooked the terms of the standing order, as I suppose most honorable senators have done.

The PRESIDENT - It is my duty to call the attention of the Senate to the standing order. If the motion is taken as formal, of course I have nothing more to say. I shall now put the question: Is the motion formal or not formal ?

Senator Clemons - Not formal.

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