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Wednesday, 6 December 1905

Senator PLAYFORDlaid upon the table the following papers: -

List of officers of the Administrative and Instructional Staff of the Military Forces.

Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, and the reply thereto of the Prime Minister,in regard to holding an Imperial Council.

Ordered to be printed.

The Clerk laid upon the table

Return to an Order of the Senate, dated 14th September, showing the number of officers, salaries,&c Post and Telegraphic Department.

Return to an Order of the Senate, dated 20th October, relating to postal matter carried be tween the Commonwealth and the New Hebrides and other islands during the year ending 30th June, 1905.

Return to an Order of the Senate of23rd November, giving a copy of the last statement of accounts from the British Treasury relating to the Pacific Cable.

Ordered to be printed.

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