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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Senator CLEMONS (Tasmania) - I think that it would be much more reasonable if we adjourned until 10.30 to-morrow morning.

Senator Playford - If that were done, we should not be able to pay the public servants at the usual time.

Senator CLEMONS - Surely the Minister must know that he is not correct in making that statement. If we met tomorrow morning at half-past 10 o'clock we should be able to dispose of the Bill and send it on to the House of Representatives in time for the meeting of that Chamber at

2.   30 in the afternoon, and it seems to me that there would be no practical difference between adopting that course and continuing this discussion until, an unreasonable hour.

Senator Playford - If honorable senators will follow the course I desire, the Bill will come into operation to-morrow morning, and the public servants will be paid at the usual time. But if we adjourn now until 10.30 to-morrow morning, the payment of salaries will be delayed.

Senator CLEMONS - What possible difficulty can be created by our deferring the further consideration of the Bill until 10.30 to-morrow morning, and disposing of it by, say, 12.30 p.m.?

Senator Playford - But I have no guarantee that honorable senators will not con tinue the discussion beyond half -past 12 p.m.

Senator CLEMONS - If the Senate adjourns until to-morrow morning, as I suggest, I shall not make any attempt to delay the passing of the Bill.

Senator Playford - Then let us proceed to a division at once.

Senator CLEMONS - My attitude is liable to undergo a serious change if I am to be compelled to sit here all night.

Senator Stewart - Let us have something to eat.

Senator CLEMONS - In view of that interjection, I am disposed to consent to an adjournment. I wish it to be distinctly understood, however, that I do not do so out of. any consideration to Senator Pearce. Honorable senators will have ample opportunity to hear my views upon this question before. 3 p.m. to-day.

Senator Playford - When the majority is opposed to the honorable senator, what is the use of wasting time?

Senator CLEMONS - I deny that I have indulged in any waste of time.

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