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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Senator CROFT (Western Australia) - The Minister has stated that there are no naval cadets except in Queensland, but only the night before last I saw naval cadets marching in the streets at St. Kilda in this State.

Senator Playford - They are not Commonwealth, but private cadets.

Senator CROFT - I understand that the naval cadets I saw were organized privately. I wish to know if the Department arms these lads, or pays for their uniform, or recognises them in any way?

Senator PLAYFORD(South' AustraliaMinister of Defence). - There is a private company of naval cadets at St. Kilda. They have no connexion with the Commonwealth Forces, and therefore we have no authority over them. They are clothed and drilled, and, I believe, were organized, by a Presbyterian Church.

Senator CLEMONS(Tasmania).- On page 67, under the head of New South Wales Naval Forces, I observe an item of £1,000 for continuous training in the gunboat Protector. Is she in New South Wales now ?

Senator PLAYFORD(South AustraliaMinister of Defence). - The Protector was sent from South Australia, first to Victoria, and next to New South Wales, in order to train the men of the Naval Brigade, because no other boat was available. This vote is required to defray the expense of her visit to New South Wales. I think that a smaller item for the same purpose will be found under the head of Victorian Naval Forces.

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