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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Senator DOBSON (Tasmania) - I should like to say something on the question of universal military training. I have a motion dealing with the subject on the noticepaper, and, as the Minister has promised that an opportunity will be afforded to us to discuss private business to a finish, I do not desire to take up much time at the present juncture. I should not speak at all now, if it were not for the fact that our practical Minister of Defence keeps making statements which are detrimental to the views embodied in my motion, and which are utterly contrary to the fact, and show that he is really out of touch with modern thought on the question of universal training and military defences generally. The statements which the Minister has made over and over again, and which to some extent--

Senator Playford - The honorable senator can say all this when replying to the debate on his motion.

Senator DOBSON - The statements have to some extent distressed us, because they are so utterly at variance with the spirit of the age in which we live. The Minister described my motion as dealing with an academic question.

Senator Playford - The honorable senator is now dealing with what I said on his motion. The honorable senator will have an opportunity to reply to me by-and-by, without taking up time which ought to be devoted to the Estimates.

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