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Wednesday, 29 November 1905
Wednesday, 29 November 1905

The President took the chair at 2.30 p.m. and read prayers.


Senator TRENWITHpresented a petition from 2,155 employes in the manufacture ofstripper-harvesters, praying the Senate to impose such substantial duties on imported stripper-harvesters as would shield them from the great danger by which they were threatened by such importation.

Petition received and read, and ordered to be printed.


Senator PLAYFORD(South Australia - Minister of Defence). - I move -

That the Senate, at its rising, adjourn until to-morrow at10.30 o'clock.

This motion is moved in order that if, unfortunately, we should not complete the consideration of the Estimates to-night, we might have afew hours at our disposal' tomorrow before the other House meets. Of course, if the Estimates are dealt with at this sitting, the Senate will meet at the usual hour to-morrow.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


Senator PEARCE.-I desire to ask the Minister of Defence, without notice, the following questions: -

Have the Government yet given consideration to the question of public servants having the right to stand for election to municipal and other local governing bodies, subject to the consent of the Governor-General, and, if not, will they give it consideration at an early date?

Senator PLAYFORD.- The matter has not yet been considered by the Government as a whole, but it will be considered' in Cabinet at a very early date.


Paper by Dr. Elkington.

Senator HIGGSasked the Minister representing the Minister of External Affairs, upon notice-

1. Have the Government observed the report in the Launceston Daily Telegraph of23rd November, that, at the last meeting of the Royal Society in Hobart, the Chief Health Officer of Tasmania, Dr.Elkington, is reported to have read a paper entitled " Tropical Australia : Is it Fit for a Working White Race?"

a. Will the Government obtain a copy of the paper, and lay it on the table of the Senate?

Senator PLAYFORD.- The answers to the honorable senator's questions are as follow : -

1. Yes.

2. Yes.


Senator STANIFORTHSMITH asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1. Is it true that the present garrison at Albany is below the strength advocated by MajorGeneral Button in his scheme of Commonwealth defence ?

2. Is it true that a portion of the present garrison is to be removed to Fremantle?

3. If so, will the Minister state why the garrison at this important strategic base is to be reduced?

Senator PLAYFORD.- The answers to the honorable senator's questions are as follow : -

1. Yes. The voted provision is for 2 officers and 34 men. Major-General Hutton's proposal was for 2 officers and 38 men. 2 and 3. On the completion of the defences of Fremantle, the question of the upkeep of two fortified harbors within a distance of about 300 miles of each other will require consideration.


Senator STANIFORTHSMITH asked the Minuter representing the Minister of External Affairs, upon notice -

If members desire to have their parliamentary speeches printed in pamphlet form by the Government Printer, has the Minister any objection to the speeches being "broken out," so as to show the headings of the principal subjects touched upon, provided the speech is an exact verbal transcript of Hansard, and provided the member whose speech is being printed defrays the cost of same?

Senator PLAYFORD-The answer to the honorable senator's question is as follows: -

After consultation with the President, and the Speaker, it appears that there is no objection, provided the headings are informative only, and contain no personal reference. It may be suggested that if any arrangements of the kind are to be adopted, the headings must be subject to the approval of the Chief Parliamentary Reporter.

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