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Tuesday, 28 November 1905

Senator BEST (Victoria) - I should be very sorry indeed to db anything at this juncture which would increase the irritation of New South Wales against the Federation. I grieve very much to think that there has been a considerable amount of friction already. For a period of four years the arrangement proposed in' these Estimates nas been carried out with mutual satisfaction.

Senator Croft - It has been unsatisfactory to New South Wales.

Senator BEST - It has been satisfactory, because we have annually passed the vote.

Senator de Largie - It has been disputed every time it has come up.

Senator BEST - It has been passed all the same.

Senator Clemons - Because we have never had the Estimates before us in proper time.

Senator BEST - The fact remains that the arrangement here proposed has been carried out for four years, and it would be very unfortunate to attempt to disturb it at the present moment.

Senator Mulcahy - Has the honorable senator heard what the Sydney Morning Herald said ?

Senator BEST - Ihave, and I have also read what Mr. Carruthers has written on the subject. I still recognise that what is now proposed is the practice whichhas been followed for a considerable time. The people of New South Wales have shown that their anxiety to have the GovernorGeneral is bond fide, by expending, as the result of his visits to Sydney, a very much' larger sum of money than honorable senators are here asked to vote for the upkeep of Sydney Government House. It appears that they spend no less than £20,000 a year to provide a: residence for the State Governor, which is necessary, as the result of the occupation of Sydney Government House by the Governor-General. They have shown that they consider it necessary in the interests of the Federation that the Governor-General should reside for a portion of the year with them, and it would be a very regrettable circumstance if we, because of the very small sum involved, were to disturb the arrangement which has been carried out in the past, and so add to the irritation felt in' New South' Wales with regard to our action in other respects. I cannot, in the circumstances, see my way to support the request.

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