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Friday, 24 November 1905

Senator STEWART (Queensland) - -I am sorry that I missed my opportunity to speak on the motion, that the Committee have leave to sit on Tuesday next, but I desire to say now that I think that the Government are acting unfairly, in trying to compel us to rush through' the Appropriation Bill without due consideration. We have been told that if it is not passed on Tuesday night, or early on Wednesday, the Commonwealth servants in outlying parts will not be paid at the usual time. That is a very ancient, moss-grown, and hoary excuse, which has already served on a hundred previous occasions, and will probably, serve on many future occasions. It is like the excuse of the clerk who, whenever he wished for a holiday, did so on the ground that his grandfather was dead: We are being asked to pass the Appropriation Bill with due consideration, on the ground that, if we do not rush it through, a number of public servants will be inconvenienced.

Senator Clemons - The Bill should have been brought before us earlier.

Senator Staniforth Smith - I call attention to the state of the Senate.

A quorum not being present,

The Deputy- President adjourned the Senate at 4.90 p.m.

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