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Friday, 24 November 1905

Senator CLEMONS (Tasmania) - If I . understand Senator Play ford aright, honorable senators are expected to come on Tuesday next prepared to sit continuously until' the consideration of this Bill has been completed. That isa very extraordinary announcement; at any rate, it is unusual to threaten honorable senators with an allnight sitting before the sitting has commenced. Surely I must have misunderstood! Senator Play ford, because he cannot mean' that, if we do not complete the consideration of the schedule by, say, 11 o'clock or 11.30 o'clock on Tuesday night, we are to go straight on. Is that Senator Playford's intention ? If so, I shall not offer any threat, but merely say that, in my opinion, such an announcement is very illadvised, and not at all likely to attain the object the Minister has in view. Senator Playford cannot accuse me of having interfered, so far, with the progress of this Bill. We have heard no justification for the statement as to the absolute necessity for finally dealing with the Bill on Tuesday next. That day does not end the month.

Senator Playford - It is very near the end of the month.

Senator CLEMONS - Yes ; but I understand the calendar, if I do not always understand the honorable senator, and it seems to me that if the Bill has been dealt with by midnight on Wednesday, the necessities of the case will be met. I trust that the Minister will offer some explanation for a statement which seems to me to be extraordinary, unwarranted, and unjustified, and, I warn him, not likely to conduce to the success of the object which he has in view.

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