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Thursday, 23 November 1905

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) - I wish to draw attention to the ventilation of this chamber. It seems possible from the march of events that we shall be here for some years. If that is the case, some improvement should be made in the ventilation of the Senate chamber. There is no doubt that it is a credit to the architect, in respect of its beauty, but his ideas of ventilation must have been very crude indeed. It reminds me of the habitations of the Esquimaux, about which we used to read in our school days. We were told that there was but one means of egress and ingress, and that that was also the me.ans by which smoke made its way out, and the place was ventilated. There is no possibility of fresh air coming into this chamber, or of the vitiated atmosphere getting out of it. Surely some arrangement could be made whereby the ventilation might be improved through the roof. One cannot sit here for a number of hours attending to the business of the Senate without suffering from a violent headache. If that be the case after one has sat in the chamber for five or six hours, it is very much worse when we have a long sitting, extending up to twelve hours. The lighting is also very bad for the eyes of honorable senators. The lights are very low down, and the glass work about the chandeliers is dazzling. I .trust that some arrangement will be made with the Victorian State Government whereby these details may be improved.

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