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Wednesday, 22 November 1905

Senator O'KEEFE (Tasmania) - I think we all agree with Senator Stewart that it would be a splendid thing if it were possible to have a big hospital erected in a cit, to be chosen by the Commonwealth Parliament, as a memorial in honour of the late Queen. But if seems to me that his proposal is not altogether practicable. Suppose that it was decided to have a large hospital erected in a city to be chosen bv the Commonwealth Parliament. It would immediately cause considerable dispute, perhaps, much ill-feeling, throughout Australia, as to the city in which it should, be erected. As we do not seem to be within measurable distance of the time when we are likely to commence the building of the Federal Capital, probably it would be some years before we could make a start with the erection of a memorial in that shape. After all, it is not a very large sum for Australia as a whole, to contribute. While. I recognise that the State I represent is. through its Parliament, always complaining that it is not retting as much revenue from the Federal Treasury as it expected to receive, and that, it is in rather an impecunious condition, still I consider that its proportion of this grant of ^25,000 - ,£1,250 - is a very small sum for its people to . contribute. Holding that the amendment is not practicable, and believing that the people of my State would not like Australia to hold aloof from this national memorial, I feel that I shall be quite justified in voting for the motion as it stands.

Debate (on motion by Senator Pearce) adjourned.

Senate 'adjourned at g.56 p.m.

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