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Wednesday, 22 November 1905

The PRESIDENT - I have to lay upon the table a report from the Standing Orders Committee, and will ask the Clerk to read it.

Report read by the Clerk as follows : -

On 7th October, 1903, the Senate passed the following resolution, namely : -

This Senate is of opinion that members of the Senate should, on motion, " That the Senate do now adjourn," be permitted to debate questions not relevant to the motion.

This resolution has been given effect to ever since, but properly speaking a new standing order should have been made. Your Committee therefore recommend that the following be a new standing order in lieu of standing order 59:-

59.   The adjournment of the Senate may be moved at any time by or on behalf of a Minister of the Crown, and on such motion matters irrelevant thereto may be debated.

Your Committee are not prepared to recommend any alteration of standing order 194. The question of such an alteration of standing orders 316 and 317 as would give greater power to a Committee of the Whole on a Bill has been taken into consideration, but at present your Committee is unable to suggest any alteration which is not open to grave objection.

R.   C. Baker,

Chairman Standing Orders Committee. 16th November, 1905.

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