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Thursday, 16 November 1905

Senator PLAYFORD (South AustraliaMinister of Defence) - I would remind honorable senators that it is unusual to make Song speeches on the first reading of a Bill of this character, and last year was the only occasion on which that course has been adopted in the history of the Commonwealth. The speeches then made were, confined to subjects that could not be dealt with in the discussion of the Appropriation Bill itself. That rule has not been observed this evening, at all events by Senator Matheson. However, my desire is to move the second reading of the Appropriation Bill some time tomorrow, and, if I am allowed to do so immediately after the lunch hour., I think I shall be able to conclude in time for the Inter-State trains. Considering the amount of work which we have done this week, I think I may be able, if I am permitted, to move the second reading of theBill to-morrow, to say it will not be. necessary to call honorable senators together next Tuesday.

Senator Turley -Would it be possible to get a report of Senator Slay ford's second-reading speech during this week? The report of the Friday's proceedings do not appear until the issue of Hansard of the following week.

The PRESIDENT - An arrangement has been made by which any honorable senator who desires may obtain, on the following Monday or Tuesday, an uncorrectedproof of a speech made on the Friday. I would point out to the Minister of Defence that strictly speaking, he ought not to make a. speech at this stage, but as, he was merely explaining the course he proposes to take in regard to the business, this will not be regarded as a precedent.

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