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Thursday, 16 November 1905

Senator MATHESON (Western Australia) - This is a most extraordinary situation. Although this clause was amended last night at the Minister's instigation., yet within the short space of twenty-four hours he is endeavouring to redraft it because it is entirely wrong.

Senator Mulcahy - Ought he to leave it wrong?

Senator MATHESON - The Minister ought to have studied the subject before he addressed the Senate last night. It is making a laughing-stock of the Senate for him to come along one night with carefully studied amendments, and ask us to agree to them, and then on the following evening come here, and state that those amendments are useless. Whilst he has accused honorable senators on this side of obstruction, he has himself wasted the time of the Senate by proposing useless amendments. Is there to be any finality to the amendment of clause 3 of this Bill f I know what will happen ' next week. We shall have the measure returned with a message from the GovernorGeneral suggesting that we should again reconsider the Bill to adopt some further amendments, simply because the honorable senator does not take the trouble to ascertain the effect of the amendments he submits to the Senate. In an experience of the business of the Senate since its inauguration, I have never had occasion to comment upon a more slovenly piece of work. The Senate will pass the amendments now proposed, and we shall go home satisfied that, although we have been unable to suggest amendments upon, them, they will be entirely ineffectual for the purpose for which they have been submitted. .

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