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Wednesday, 15 November 1905

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) (Honorary Minister) . - The first amendment made by the House of Representatives is merely a verbal one, which in no way alters the principle of the amendment which the Seriate affirmed. Instead of saying " following manner," the amendment says, in the manner " hereinafter mentioned." The amendment is in conformity with the general drafting of the Bill. I move -

That the House of Representatives' amendment be agreed to.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Clause 9 (Determination of representation of the States) -

Senate's amendment.- After clause 9, insert the following new clause : - "9a. The Chief Electoral Officer shall forth with . . . make and forward to the Minister a certificate setting forth the number of Members of the House of Representatives to be chosen in the several States.

House of Representatives' message.- Omit " certificate," insert " notification."

Senator KEATING(Tasmania - Honorary Minister). - The second amendment' ' made by the House of Representatives in clause 9A is also of a drafting character, and does not interfere with the principle enunciated by the Senate. In place of the word " certificate, " which we inserted, it substitutes the word " notification." The amendment has a less technical signification, and is, I think, a desirable one. I move -

That the House of Representatives' amendment be agreed to.

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