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Wednesday, 15 November 1905

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) - If clause 5 be brought under the control of clause 15, it will be necessary, in order to make the Bill sensible, to recommit the whole and strike out certain clauses. Clause 12, for instance, provides a penalty for applying a false trade description to exports ; and I do not see how an offence can be proved unless there is power to inspect and take samples. All goods which bear a false trade description, and not only the classes of goods enumerated in clause 15, come within the scope of the measure, and it will be manifestly impossible to administer the Bill, unless there is power to take samples. There is no doubt that the desire of all of us is to deal with all goods which bear a false description.

Senator Best - That is so; but I say that we are powerless.

Senator Pearce - The power may be limited, but, at the same time, it is, in my opinion, very necessary.

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