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Wednesday, 15 November 1905

Senator PLAYFORD (South AustraliaMinister of Defence) - In the peculiar circumstances, I am quite willing to allow the recommittal of the Bill for the purpose of reconsidering clause 13, solely with the object of making a verbal alteration, by substituting the word " exporter " for the word " importer," and for the reconsideration of clause 15. So far as clause 15 is concerned, I feel that last night, about jo o'clock, I did lead Senator Best to believe that we would not go beyond clause 10. That was my intention at the time, and in speaking to the honorable senator, I had no intention whatever to deceive him.

Senator Best - I quite understand that.

Senator PLAYFORD - The honorable senator informed me that, so far as be was personally concerned, he desired only the reconsideration of .clause 15. I remember that I said at the same time that I hoped the honorable senator would remain and help me to keep a quorum. But the honorable senator subsequently paired with another honorable senator and went away.

Senator Best - That was because the honorable senator said he would not go beyond clause 10.

Senator PLAYFORD - We did go beyond clause 10, and in the circumstances, I think I owe it to Senator Best to recommit clause 15, on the distinct understanding that the whole matter will be dealt with by 11 o'clock, or sooner if possible; that any amendments which are to be proposed will be submitted, divided upon, and decided. I agree to, the recommittal also on the understanding that I shall be placed in no worse position than I should have been in if I had not done so. That is to say, I expect the Senate to permit the suspension of the Standing Orders to enable the report to be adopted, and to have the third reading fixed for to-morrow.

Senator Lt Col Gould - I do not think it would be fair to ask that, because, if we had gone on with the debate on the motion for the adoption of the report, the honorable senator would not have been in the same position. -

Senator PLAYFORD - I remind the honorable senator that the motion submitted to the Senate was that the report be adopted, and it is only reasonable to ask that I should be placed in the same position as I would have been in if I had not consented to the recommittal of the Bill. If I refuse to consent to the recommittal of the Bill, and the Senate supports me, the report will be 'adopted, and the 'third reading put down for to-morrow.

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