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Wednesday, 15 November 1905

Senator STEWART asked the Minister representing the Minister of Home Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Is it the case that an officer of the General Division, Post and Telegraph Department, Brisbane, was convicted of larceny in February last, or some time during the present year, and sentenced to six months' imprisonment - sentence being suspended under the First Offenders' Probation Act?

2.   If so, on what date was he sentenced?

3.   Was he under suspension at date of conviction ; if not, on what date was he suspended ?

4.   Was he dismissed on conviction ; if not, why not?

5.   On what date was he dismissed?

6.   Was he on duty at any period betweenthe dates of conviction and dismissal ; and if so, for how long?

7.   Were anypayments made to him after conviction ; and if so, what were the amounts?

8.   For what reason were these payments made?

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