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Tuesday, 14 November 1905

Senator GUTHRIE (South Australia) - Early this afternoon I gave notice of my intention to move an amendment on this clause. I move-

That the following newparagraph be added : -

(f)   "Ropes and chains."

The articles specially dealt with in clauses 7 and 1 1 are articles which might endanger the health and safety of the people. It will be admitted that in the mining and shipping industries the safety of many people is dependent onsound chains and ropes. We should take every precaution to see that goods of this description are brought within the operation of the Bill. There should at least be provided the same power for their inspection as for the inspection of manures or medicines. In referring to the matter before, I pointed out that, under the Merchant Shipping Act, cables used on board ships are tested and inspected, but running gearandgear used in hoisting cargo are not tested. The adoption of the amendment would, I am sure, result in practical benefit to those engaged in mining and shipping.

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