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Tuesday, 14 November 1905

Senator GIVENS (Queensland) - After all this personal explanation, I desire to proceed with the discussion of the clause.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - It would be only courteous to the Committee if the Minister of Defence would say whether or not he intends to proceed with the remaining clauses of the Bill.

Senator Dobson - Before the Minister replies-

Senator Playford - I have already informed honorable senators that I intend to go on with the business.

Senator Dobson - I should like to say-

Senator GIVENS - Who has the chair?

The CHAIRMAN -This discussion must end.

Senator GIVENS - We have been kept hero all day by obstructive tactics.

Senator Dobson - Is the honorable senator going to move an amendment?

Senator GIVENS - I intend to discuss the clause.

Senator Dobson - Then the honorable senator is simply " stone-walling " the Bill.

Senator GIVENS - The clause is animportant one, which requires discussion.

Senator Dobson - It is a farce to pretend before the country that we are doing business.

Senator GIVENS - Some of the things which Senator Dobson has done in his time, in his own country, have not been much of a farce, I can fell him. I propose to do business.

Senator Dobson - The honorable senator is not doing business; he is supporting the clause.

The CHAIRMAN - Order! I sincerely hope the Senate, which, I believe, has the highest reputationthroughout this Commonwealth for the orderly conduct of business, will not do anything to damage that reputation.

Senator GIVENS - If any honorable senator wishes to move an amendment I am prepared to give way.

Motion (by Senator Sir Josiah Symon) proposed -

That the Chairman report progress, - and ask leave to sit again.

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