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Tuesday, 14 November 1905

Senator Sir JOSIAH SYMON (South Australia) - I suggest to my honorable friend a further slight amendment. It would be an improvement to make the words which he desires to insert read - but so as not to be obliged to give more than twenty-four hours' notice.

The object of the amendment is not to make it obligatory to give twenty-four hours' notice, but to leave it optional. The exporter may give a week's or a month's notice, if he so desires. That, I think, will be a great convenience to shippers. The amendment will fix the minimum notice which they are required to give. The people who will suffer more than others by this provision are those who are shipping small quantities of their own fruit. That happens frequently in my own State. Even now it is a very difficult thing 'for them to get space, and if notice is obliged to be given they will be further hampered. I should feel better satisfied if the Minister could exempt small shippers from the obligation to give any notice at all, though I doubt whether that is possible. At any rate, it will be a great boon if a minimum notice is fixed.

Senator Lt Col Gould - I am willing to accept Senator Symon's suggestion.

Amendment amended accordingly.

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