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Tuesday, 14 November 1905

Senator PULSFORD - Senator Playford's innocence is something supreme. The honorable senator carefully hides from the Committee, perhaps because it is hidden from himself, that by the incorporation of this Bill with the Customs Act the penalty is subject to the condition that the minimum must be at least one-twentieth of the maximum penalty provided.

Senator Playford - That would be only £1 in this case.

Senator PULSFORD - If some one made a trifling mistake under this clause, and were fined£1-

Senator Playford - It would make him more careful in future.

Senator PULSFORD - The Minister would not be willing to make the payment good to him. To make a charge of £,1 for a trifling, paltry mistake, is but a piece of robbery. If an importer or exporter makes any mistake he hears a great deal about it, and the Customs authorities are quite willing to suggest the passing of clauses under which dealers in articles of small value may have severe penalties imposed upon them. Under this clause, an offender could' not be charged less than£1. I move -

That after the word" Penalty," the words "not less than five shillings, nor more than," be inserted.

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