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Friday, 10 November 1905

Senator MULCAHY (Tasmania) - I hope that party feeling will be kept out of the discussion as far as possible. The amendments which have been moved to the clause may have been instigated by a little party feeling, but if, after consideration, they are found to be based upon commonsense, they ought to be adopted. I cannot understand why the Minister refuses to accept the present very sensible amendment, to secure an opportunity which we all desire, and that is to deal with the regulations, if possible, before the Bill is brought into operation. Where so much is left by the Bill to prescription and regulation, it is most essential that we should have an early opportunity of discussing the regulations.

Senator Playford - So there will be under the clause as it is drafted.

Senator MULCAHY - We may or may not have an early opportunity. What objection can there be, except on party grounds, to the acceptance of this amendment ?

Senator Playford - There is no necessity for it.

Senator MULCAHY - I am Speaking quite impartially. I do not sympathize with obstructive tactics, but it seems to me that the Minister might very reasonably accept an amendment to insure that the Bill shall not come into operation earlier than the1st July of next year.

Senator Playford - Practically it provides for that already.

Senator MULCAHY - In that case, why does not the Minister accept the amendment?

Senator Playford - Simply because it is moved for the sake of making an alteration, and long discussions are not business.

Senator MULCAHY - I do not admit that the Bill practically does that which the amendment seeks to do.

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