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Friday, 10 November 1905

Senator PULSFORD (New South Wales) - I must emphatically repudiate the imputation that I have brought forward this amendment with any other object than that of improving the Bill, and doing my duty as a senator. Senator Gould is perfectly correct in stating that he knew some time ago that I intended to propose the amendment. Senator Givens is the only member of the Senate who has doubted it. I gave two reasons, and I stated them in the briefest terms possible. My reasons are first to make the coming into operation of this measure synchronise with the commencement of the financial year. The financial year for the Commonwealth, the States, and many business firms begins ora the ist July. The second and even stronger reason is that Parliament wilt probably be sitting on the ist July next. There will have to be regulations under this Bill, which, indeed is to be worked mainly by means of regulations. On the ist July, when Parliament may be sitting, the regulations may be before us, and we shall have an opportunity of dealing with them. For these reasons, both of which are strong, I feel justified in asking, the Committee to accept the amendment, and shall, if necessary, call for a division upon it.

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