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Friday, 10 November 1905

Senator DOBSON (Tasmania) - Either of the suggested titles is preferable to the title proposed by the Government. I am inclined to think that Senator Drake is correct, and that the Bill ought to receive the title of the Act from which it has been derived, because in every sense of the word this is a Merchandise Marks Bill. I should like to know from Senator Keating whether, if either of the alterations suggested is made, the Bill will then apply to Inter-

State commerce as well as to commerce with other countries, and, if so, whether itis intended to insert a clause setting forth that fact. The Bill as it stands is altogether too restrictive, and the most able Minister that ever lived would not be able to administer it without doing harm. I am not prepared to support any amendment of the title, if, by so doing, the operation of the Bill will be extended to commerce between State and State.

SenatorMillen. - How could an alteration of the title affect that?

Senator DOBSON - I am merely asking what position the Ministry propose to take up if the title be altered. Will the Bill be confined to commerce with other countries, or also applied to Inter-State trade?

Senator Playford - Certainly not to commerce between State and State.

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