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Friday, 10 November 1905

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 9th November, vide page 4859) :

Clause 1 -

This Act may be cited as the Commerce Act 1905, and shall commence on a day to be fixed by proclamation, not being earlier than six months after the passing of this Act.

Senator PULSFORD(New South Wales). move -

That the word " Commerce " be left out with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words " Trade Descriptions."

I believe that in connexion with the Bill there are one or two matters in respect of which an understanding was arrived at in another place, that in the Senate some alteration would be permitted, and I think that its members wereencouraged to expect that a change in the title would be made. Clearly the title is not a very satisfactory one. In the first place, the term "commerce" is very wide. It is, in fact, ail-embracing, so far as commerce is concerned. It is a little too big for what is proposed. It is so wide that it confines the Bill to commerce with other countries, and prevents the Government from carrying out to the full extent their alleged desire to promote honest trade. The provisions of the Bill, as they stand, cannot affect any operation, However gross it may be, in connexion with the transfer of goods from State to State. For these reasons, which I think are ample, I submit this amendment, and if it is carried we shall be able to insert a clause which will make it quite clear that the Government have power to deal with Inter-State transfers.

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