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Thursday, 9 November 1905

Senator PLAYFORD - So many officers have gone over to Hobart, and reported, and the subject has been so carefully considered, that I have come to a decision in favour of the site at Sandy Bay, and given adirection for the resumption of the necessary land. I do not see the slightest necessity to go to the expense of sending over another officer for the purpose of inspecting sites. It is only a week or two since I sent over a special officer who inspected the sites, and on whose report I have acted.

Senator DOBSON - What I wish to know is whether the Minister will send over an officer to join with the local officers ih selecting the most suitable site which can be obtained?

Senator PLAYFORD - That has been done. Every possible information has been obtained. The selection of a site was delayed for months at the request of the honorable and learned senator and his, colleagues. I have looked into the matter with the greatest care, and there is not the slightest necessity to send over an officer, because it has been considered with the local officers', and they are all of one opinion.

Senator Dobson - We cannot allow the Department to take the land.

Senator PLAYFORD - That has been authorized, and I do not think it can be stopped.

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