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Friday, 3 November 1905

In Committee(Recommittal) :

Clause 3 -

In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears " Dwelling " means a building, erection, or tenement, whether permanent or temporary, which is wholly or partly used for the purpose of human habitation, and includes any ship or other vessel in any port of the Commonwealth, or in any inland waters thereof.

Senator GUTHRIE(South Australia).I move -

That after the word " thereof," line 7, the following words be inserted: - "or any ship or vessel registered in Australia on a passage between any two Commonwealth ports."

I submit this amendment to supply what I regard as an omission. Such vessels as I have in my mind are within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth, and my proposal, if carried, will secure uniformity. Householders' schedules are distributed in many cases, perhaps a month before the census, and often collected a considerable time after that day.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - Any difficulty in carrying out the amendment could be met by regulation.

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