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Friday, 3 November 1905

Senator TURLEY (Queensland) - Senator Guthriehas called attention to a matter which seems to me to require to be looked into if the Bill is recommitted. It appears that the custom in South Australia is for the authorities to take advantage of the census to distribute papers by which people may get their names placed upon the electoral rolls of the State. The same system may prevail in some of the other States. If such a custom has been in vogue for a number of years, I think that a small amendment ought to be made to enable it to be continued. Another point that requires consideration is this : that a dwelling under the Bill is defined as meaning

A building erection or tenement. . . . and includes any ship or other vessel in any port of the Commonwealth or in any inland waters thereof.

Senator Guthrieproposes that there should be added to that definition the words - or any ship or vessel registered in Australia on a passage between any two Commonwealth ports.

It appears that no census is taken of the people who are on board such vessels, whether passengers or crews. Statistics are taken relating to them, but practically there is no census as to the States to which they belong, or any other information, except that so many persons are travelling round the coast at the time the census is taken. I think, therefore, that Senator Pulsford should include in his motion clause 3, in order to enable such an amendment to be made.

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