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Thursday, 2 November 1905

Senator PULSFORD (New South Wales) - I suggest that the first word " The" should be " a." We are not in this Bill providing for one census only, but for many censuses to be taken in the future. In the circumstances, the word "a" commends itself to my judgment, and it is used in other Acts.

Senator Keating - The census is always spoken of as " the" census.

Senator PULSFORD - The matter is not important, and if the Minister will not accept this little improvement in his Bill I shall not press it. However, I have a more important improvement to suggest in subclause 2. I move -

That the words " a day appointed for that purpose by proclamation " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words " the Sunday nearest to or occurring on March 31st."

Senator Playford - That wouldtie us down.

Senator PULSFORD - I think we ought to be tied down in such a matter. In dealing with statistics, it is desirable that we should be as accurate as possible, and accuracy in this matter is best obtained by fixing an exact date. I believe that an ex~ act date is invariably fixed in all other countries. I, therefore, submit the amendment with every confidence that it will be accepted by the Committee

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