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Wednesday, 1 November 1905

Senator PEARCE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) - I understand, sir, that when the motion of Senator Givens, to dissent from your ruling on Senator Millen's amendment in the Electoral Bill was called on yesterday, you made the following statement to the Senate : -

Before calling on any honorable senator to speak to the question, I wish to direct attentionto the fact that an answer I gave to an interjection by SenatorPearce is not correct, if the question has been properly stated. According to Hansard, he asked, " Will you, sir, permit me to ask whether Senator O'Keefe could have moved hi; amendment on a Bill dealing with this subject for the first time?" and my answer was, "No, ] do not think he could." I thought the honorable senator referred to " this Bill," not to " a Bill."

I wish to say, sir, that I am perfectly certain that my interjection was in regardto "a Bill," not to "this Bill."

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