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Tuesday, 31 October 1905

Senator PULSFORD (New South Wales) - Senator Styles has a very high opinion of members of Parliament. I do not wish to detract from that opinion, and merely express the hope that it is deserved. But in proportion to the extent to which that good opinion is merited, will it be the. desire of members to so arrange electoral business that they may be above suspicion of anything of a corrupt nature, and avoid placing themselves in a position in which they may be called upon to decide questions affecting themselves. We are elected to deal with the affairs of the country, and it would be well if the electoral machinery were of an automatic character, so that interference by members of Parliament would be impossible. We all know what is meant by the term "gerrymandering," and I suppose that as long as there are politicians, there will be a certain number ready to make use of the power they possess to extend their term of office. Any proposal which helps to take electoral arrangements out of the hands of members of Parliament is desirable, and for these reasons I support the amendment.

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