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Tuesday, 31 October 1905

The PRESIDENT - Before calling on any honorable senator to speak tq the question, I wish to direct attention to the fact that an answer I gave to an interjection by Senator Pearce is not correct, if the question has been properly stated. According to Hansard, 'he asked, "Will you, sir, permit me to ask whether Senator O' Keefe could have moved his amendment on a Bill dealing with this subject for the first time?" and my answer was, " No, I do not think he could." I thought the honorable senator referred to " this Bill," not to "a Bill." If he had asked the question in reference to a Bill, I should have answered, " I do not know what the contents of the -Bill are." Of course, I could not alter in HansardSenator Pearce' s interjection, but my answer is not correct if the interjection was as reported. I think that it referred to " this Bill."

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