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Thursday, 26 October 1905

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) (Honorary Minister) . - It was considered that the amount of the fee was hardly a matter of policy, and that, from time to time, it might be varied to meet the circumstances of the case. If the fee were fixed, and actual experience should show that it was not suitable, the Government would have to bring down a Bill to amend the Electoral Act in that respect, and we might have all kinds of questions raised, as we did this afternoon, with regard to the scope and purpose of such a Bill. It was thought thatonly experience in the working of the law could guide the officers in determining what would be a reasonable fee to impose. In Tasmania, if my memory serves me rightly, the Electoral Act prescribes' the fee which shall be paid for an inspection of theaccounts, and I think it is is. I do not suppose that in framing the regulations there will be any deviation from what has been the practice in the different States.

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