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Thursday, 26 October 1905

The Japanese ambassador in London, Viscount Hayashi, has been interviewed in respect to the idea said to be prevalent in Australia that the Japanese wish to emigrate in bodies to that country, and with respect to the feeling caused in Japan by the exclusion of Japanese.

Viscount Hayashi stated that Manchuria and Korea would absorb from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 more people than Japan was at present able to spare. Australia had never been in danger of an influx of Japanese immigrants.

In Japanese official circles it was recognised that the Australian attitude was the result of labour agitations; but the unofficial opinion was based on the conditions appearing on the surface. The generality of the people did not go deeply into the matter, and believed that their feelings were intentionally wounded by those responsible for the government of Australia.

There can be no doubt as to the feeling of the Japanese on this subject. It is absurd and ridiculous for any honorable senator to profess to be blind and deaf to what is appearing on this subject.

Senator Walker - I should like to know what some of us would, say if Japan treated us in the same way?

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