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Thursday, 26 October 1905

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) - Like Senator Walker, I am in doubt as to some matters which are referred to in the motion. Paragraph 4 contains two affirmations. I can indorse one of them, but am not prepared to approve of the other. It will be quite sufficient if we lay it downas a principle that the climatic allowances should be adjusted so as to constitute equitable compensation for the increased cost of living, and climatic conditions. To affirm that we should be guided by the action of the States, which had a varied practice, appears to me to be rather indiscreet. What they did can hardly be held to constitute any safe guide for us. I take it that what is wanted is that the Public Service Commissioner shall so adjust these allowances; that they shall be fair and equitable to the: recipients. We can affirm that principle without giving any indication as to whether we approve of the allowances fixed by the States. Within the borders of New South Wales there was a considerable disparity in the allowances, and considerable complaint as to the allowance paid in one district as compared with that paid in other districts. Whilst I believe' that equitable allowances ought to be granted, I am not prepared to go to to the extent of saying that the allowances paid .in New South Wales were equitable, and therefore ought to be followed. I move -

That the words " be more in conformity with those previously allowed by the States and should," in paragraph 4, be left out.

Debate (on motion by Senator Guthrie) adjourned.

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